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Welcome to Mohamadiah Medical Center

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Mohamadiah Medical Center was established in 2000 under the supervision of a distinguished group of local and international medical expertise with the aim of serving the community in a manner commensurate with their needs. An integrated set of medical and treatment services, and the Mohamadiah Medical Center is considered one of the advanced medical Centers in the region, as we seek through it to provide high-quality medical services in various medical specialties. Medical services, so the mission of the Mohamadiah Medical Center crystallized in providing the highest level of specialized health care and keenness to provide the best first-class, distinguished and high-quality medical services, and to help the working staff in the community to develop their skills and create a spirit of creativity and cooperation, and the vision of Mohamadiah Center came The medical center expressed the aspiration to achieve excellence and innovation in the field of providing medical services at a global level and to emphasize the success of our medical Center in building strong, strong and positive relationships with the local community in its governmental and private sectors. Distinguished, quality, teamwork and upgrading to the highest standards in service quality, as the Center applies the latest advanced information management systems, in addition to To the advanced devices that support the doctors' ability in diagnosis and treatment, and the Center follows global developments.

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Children’s Clinic

Treatment of chest diseases for children - bedwetting for children - growth retardation diseases - poliomyelitis - pulmonary bacteria - tuberculosis - triple bacterial - measles - quadrivalent virus Laboratory tests for children - chest allergy for children - treatment of gastroenteritis


Orthopedic Clinic

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Dental Clinic

Cosmetic fillings with the best American materials - treatment of the dental nerve with the latest devices - German dental implants (Emax - Lumineer - Sanabel on Smile - Hollywood smile (veneers - Lumineer) - clean and beautifying teeth and gums - all types of fillings and nerve extractions


Nose and ear clinic

Migraine headache treatment and diagnosis The doctors of the ear, nose and throat department at the mohamadia Medical Center have long experiences in diagnosing and treating ear, nose and throat problems, whether medical or surgical. The doctors of the mohamadia Medical Center are experts in diagnosing and treating various diseases that affect the head, neck, ear, nose and throat, in addition to cases of imbalance functions.


Eye Clinic

Diagnosing cases of cataract and glaucoma with the latest devices Follow-up of retinal diseases caused by diabetes computer vision scale Follow up and diagnose cases of early strabismus Follow-up and treatment of lacrimal duct obstruction Fundus examination and intraocular pressure measurement Follow-up cases of laser vision correction (LASIK)


Obstetrics and Gynecology

Pregnancy and childbirth follow-up programs - treatment of late pregnancy problems or problems that occur early in pregnancy - vaginal secretions and bleeding problems - pelvic pain and endometrial infections - treatment of ovarian cysts and menopausal problems - urinary incontinence and overactive bladder - early examination for breast, uterus and ovaries cancer - treatment Osteoporosis associated with menopause - problems of delayed and irregular menstruation - use of all contraceptive methods - natural and cesarean delivery - and cosmetic operations for the vagina


Internal Clinic Department

Follow-up of newly diagnosed diabetes or for a long time with complications - high blood pressure disease and its effect on the heart muscle or kidneys - follow-up of the activity and laziness of the thyroid gland - atherosclerosis and its complications - stomach germs that are intractable to treatment - anemia - and its many problems - treatment of digestive diseases - Electrocardiogram work - TV rays on (abdomen and pelvis - gland - thyroid veins and arteries - breast - prostate) - making the necessary analyzes for early detection of tumors


Laboratory Department

All accurate laboratory tests of all kinds are carried out, such as: routine examinations (liver function - kidney function - lipids - sugar) - tests for monitoring the level of hormones, vitamins, viruses and cancer indicators - tests for sexually transmitted diseases - anemia tests Vitamins (Vitamin D, Vitamin B12)


x_ray place

Regular X_RAY X-rays - Ultrasound for various body systems - Colure Doppler - 4D sonar


General Medicine Clinic

Treating common diseases and conducting a first medical examination for any symptom - Treating infectious diseases such as hepatitis C and typhoid fever - Treating chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma and gout


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Mohamadiah Medical Center Comfort _ safety _ concern for you and your family

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